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Waterfront cottage for rent on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
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Black's Bay
Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada

Black's Bay is a homesteading project, 36 years in the making.

Staring in 1980 with 113 acres of forested lands on Manitoulin Island, we have slowly and carefully built a sustainable, environmentally friendly site that welcomes you and your family to share our bounty, our achievements, our farm products, and our special enclave.

Whether you seek to find yourself, or lose yourself, you have come to the right place.

Waterfront Cottage    We have a rustic waterfront private residence cottage vacation rental in Northern Ontario Canada that is open for families, visitors and cottage renters from around the world for living on Manitoulin Island, and for family vacations, outdoor activities, sportsmen, hunting, & fishing.

Manitoulin Ontario cottage is powered by Green Energy (solar and wind) that we generate ourselvesYou have heard about the great Canadian lifestyle of Northern Ontario cottage country, beach house rental, the rustic beach front, the beautiful wilderness, the wild animals, the huge wide open spaces, the peace and quiet, the private cottages, and the purity.  Now, you can enjoy all of these as a rental cottage, sharing what Canadians have always had.

We are a fully green private residence, Eco-tourism ready, as we generate all our own electrical power using solar and wind sources (powered by Green Energy).  We love our Green Energy Cottage.  Our winter heat is provided by renewable, greenhouse gas neutral, firewood.  Solar water heating is planned as supplemental heat to the firewood.

We would be interested in having you, your friends, your business associates, and your family come visit us and enjoy our Canadian wilderness in the comfort of our waterfront cottage and private residence you can rent.

Come join us for a weekend, week, month, or year at our Lake Huron waterfront cottage.  Numerous time slots are still available during the year for enjoying this waterfront cottage.  See the above links for further information on our outdoor adventure packages, info on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario Canada, and the rental of our Ontario waterfront cottage as your private residence for any or all seasons.

BBay Farm    To ensure a sustainable and affordable source of food, both for ourselves and our local community, he studied the options available, the historical methods, and want would be feasible with the resources we currently had available.  We decided to learn to become poulry farmers first & foremost (chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys), supplemented by the raising of goats, sheep, and Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD's). 

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