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  Waterfront cottage for rent on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
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Ontario Tourism Vacation Getaway Outdoor Adventure Package

Week of Aboriginal Studies
on Manitoulin

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Package Pricing

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Package Participants

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What's Included

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Term & Conditions
Aboriginal dancer at a Pow-Wow on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada

Brief Description:

Self-guided week for aboriginal studies of Manitoulin Island, Northern Ontario, Canada

Package Pricing:

Off-Season:      $ 600 CAD + 13% HST ($120/person)
Ferry Season:   $ 800 CAD + 13% HST ($160/person)
Prime Season:   $ 1,500 CAD + 13% HST ($300/person)

for weekend, for up to 5 persons

For more than 5 people, extra persons are $20 (off-season), $25 (Ferry Season), or $50 (Prime Season) per night per person.

Children under 5 yrs. old are free.

An Aboriginal dancer at a Pow-Wow on Manitoulin Island

Aboriginal dancer at a Pow-Wow on Manitoulin Island

Availability Dates:

This aboriginal studies package is available every week between:

January 1 till Dec. 31 inclusive

subject to prior booking of this and other weekend packages.  Some weeks will have more aboriginal cultural events planned in the 7 native communities.  Book early to avoid disappointment.

Wikwemikong, Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada, a Cultural Capital of Canada for 2006

Wikwemikong, a Native community on Manitoulin, has been designated as a Cultural Capital of Canada for 2006


7 nights, 8 days

Saturday 2:00 PM till following Saturday 11:00 AM

Aerial view of Wikwemikong, Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
Aerial view of Wikwemikong, one of only two unceeded Indian reservations in Canada

Details about the Package:

This Ontario Outdoor Adventure Package is for accommodations and support services during your week of aboriginal studies on Manitoulin.  Manitoulin is famous for its active, rich aboriginal customs and heritage.  You will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the ancient history of Manitoulin Island and its Aboriginal people

  • Enjoy native foods and lifestyles that you cook for yourself with our easy-to-follow recipes

  • Enchant yourselves with aboriginal sacred symbols and spiritualism, then make your own dreamcatcher

  • Discover how European settlers and farmers have treated, and been treated, by the Natives of Manitoulin

  • Attend the festivals and community activities that are sponsored by one of the 7 Indian reservations

  • Tour the 7 Indian reservations on Manitoulin Island, learning what is unique about each of these very different communities

  • Participate in the Aboriginal's history of today, its issues and priorities, and what the future holds

Package Participants:

Minimum 1 person

Maximum 12 persons (due to available sleeping accommodations in the cottage where you will be staying).

Young and old, everyone gets involved at Pow-Wow dance contests

Package Suitability:

This package is designed for small groups and families.  The package is ideal for couples, or parents with children 8 yrs. old and above.

Children above the age of 8 will generally be able to fully participate in the recommended activities.

What's Included?

  • Lodging for up to 12 persons at BBL's waterfront cottage
  • Self-guided itinerary
  • Map of Manitoulin for use during your stay

The Four Feathers medicine wheel, a sacred symbol for all native cultures

Bring it with you

  • Your camera
  • Food and clothing, good walking shoes
  • Sleeping bag or bedding (blankets, sheets, pillowcase), BBL supplies 6 double beds with foam mattresses
  • Personal toiletries, etc.

Available options & customization:

  • Also available as a weekend package
  • Local Manitoulin aboriginal experts are available for personalized instruction, tours, discussions, trail guiding, and assistance in your aboriginal studies vacation (subject to availability and prior booking).
  • Add-ons for other activities are also available.  See BBL's website for further information on Manitoulin activities.
For more information, E-mail BBL Book your Week of Aboriginal Studies on Manitoulin Vacation Package

Term & Conditions:

Package requires at least one responsible adult, 25 years or older, in attendance. Children participants must have the prior written permission of their parent or legal guardian. Participation and cottage rental are subject to BBL's approval of your rental application, and your signing of liability waiver & indemnification agreement. Rental deposit of $500 CAD is due with submission of package application, and becomes your Damage Security Deposit. Payment of full package price is due 3 months prior to the start date of the package, or upon acceptance of application; whichever is last to occur. Damage Security Deposit for cottage rental is fully refunded within 2 weeks after end of package (assuming no damage or loss identified by post-package inspection). You are recommended to obtain cancelation insurance, as there is no cancelation nor refund for booked vacation periods.

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