Sunset at waterfront cottage rental on Manitoulin Island, Northern Ontario Canada


Providence Bay,
Manitoulin Island
Ontario, Canada

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  Waterfront cottage for rent on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
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Dog cart races at vacation rental by owner on Manitoulin Island Ontario Canada Just back from the dog cart races, they celebrate their 2nd place finish.

For the more adventuresome, start your Olympic class training in preparation for winter dog sledding.


Bird watching vacation holidays at waterfront cottage rental on MAnitoulin Island Ontario Canada
A young bird watcher uses rubber boots and binoculars to slowly sneak up on his latest subject.

Without looking too hard, you can spot hummingbirds, loons, sand hill cranes, bats, purple martins, egrets, blue herons, Canadian geese, mallards, wood ducks, grouse, cormorants, osprey, barred owls, chickadee, finches, blue jays, whiskey jacks, pheasants, and many others.

There are over 300 species of birds that can be found on Manitoulin.
Sundown canoe trip at vacation rental cottage on Manitoulin Island Ontario Canada The 18 ft. canoe is easily launched and recovered.  The girls launched and paddled to town for an ice cream cone at the Nature Interpretation Centre in Providence Bay (approx. 10 km. round trip); returning 3 hours later from their canoe venture.

The canoe, life jackets, paddles, etc. are available at BBay for your family adventure.

Marshmallow roast campfire at beach house rental vacation on Manitoulin Island Ontario Canada
Lots of firewood, a large stone fireplace with benches, and long debates over the best method for cooking & eating roasted marshmallows creates a natural gathering place to share the events of the day.

Nature trail clearing crew for waterfront vacation rental on Manitoulin ISland Ontario Canada

The first 1 km. of Nature Trail has been successfully cleared.

Come take a walk through the peaceful woods on Manitoulin Island.

Sit quietly for a few minutes while in the woods.  The animals will soon return to their busy agendas.

You now have a front row seat on the complexities of animal life in the forest.

Observe, learn, and be amazed.

Campfire spark at cottage for rent in Ontario on Manitoulin Island Canada
After a long day, some choose to build a campfire and become mesmerized by the sparks and dancing flames.
Wildflower at Ontario cottage rental on Manitoulin Island Canada
Numerous, beautiful and colourful flowers can be found as you walk down the numerous roads, paths, and nature trails.

This is a close-up photo of a Devil's Paintbrush, a member of the aster family.

Turkey vulture seen at private Ontario cottage rental on Manitoulin Island Canada

Friendly, neighborhood turkey vulture (one of 4 in the trees, seen as driving down the road).

We were on the road, just 30 ft away from four of these magnificent birds.

The wildlife on Manitoulin Island is fantastic.

Learn about many different species and their habitat.

Get close-up and personal to a turkey vulture.

Delicate ladyslipper flower at cottage rental in Ontario at Manitoulin Island, Canada
A Lady slipper finds a place to grow in the numerous small meadows throughout the property.

Due to their beauty, and the delicate habitat requirements, this plant has become an endangered species.

On one weekend, my wife and I spotted 6 of these gems on a half hour walk along the various trails at Black's Bay.

Pine cones in healthy forest around cabin rental on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
Each year, a bountiful supply of pine cones are produced.

Red squirrels (endangered) and chipmunks chatter noisily at each other as to who these cones (and the pine nuts inside) really belong to.

The forests at Black's Bay are mainly cedar, pine, spruce, fir. birch, poplar, and tamarack.

Rabbit observing in meadow at cabin rental Ontario, Manitoulin Island, Canada
Rabbits and snowshoe hares are constantly popping up along the wooded paths.
Jack rabbit on the run in meadow at private cottage rental in Ontario, Manitoulin Island, Canada
When these guys take off ...

Well, it's as if they were jackrabbits.

Every evening, the rabbits like to come out onto the still-warm gravel in the middle of the Concession road; sitting and watching their nearest neighbour.

Wildflower at vacation rental cottage on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
Another small and delicate flower found on the forest floor.

Wood lilies, with their fragrant (almost orchid beauty and smell), grow by the hundreds at BBay.

Sandbox fun at cabin vacation rental in Ontario, Manitoulin Island, Canada
A little bit of sand and blue chalk make for a great day only a few feet from the main lodge.

Kids can't live without TV and video games in the city.

It's amazing how they suddenly find a world of other activities to enjoy at BBay.

Boy climbing tree at cottage vacation rental on Manitoulin Island Ontario Canada
For those who have a more venturesome spirit, there are more trees to climb than boys available for this demanding job.
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