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Hiking & Nature Trails

Table of Contents

Providence Bay Nature Trail
McLean's Park
The Lewis Twin Peaks Trail
Orr's Mountain
Cup and Saucer
M'Chigeeng Aboriginal Trail
Wagg's Woods
Bridal Veil Falls
Misery Bay
Shesheqwaning-Nimkees and Little Thunder Hiking Trails
Mississagi Lighthouse

Mississagi Lighthouse Shesheqwaning-Nimkees & Little Thunder Hiking Trails Misery Bay Hiking Trails Providence Bay Nature Trail Wagg's Woods M'Chigeeng Aboriginal Trails Cup & Saucer Hiking Trails Orr's Woods The Lewis Twin Peaks Trail McLean's Woods Bridal Veil Falls Nature Trails Hiking Trails on Manitoulin Island Map of Hiking Trails, Manitoulin Island, Northern Ontario Canada

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Providence Bay Nature Trail (5 min. from BBay)

Located off Firehall Rd. at the North end of the village of Providence Bay (by the arena), this is the property line between Lots 3 and 4, running from Firehall Rd. down to Lake Huron.  The 2 km. walk takes you through thick cedar bush, open meadows, rare alvars rock outcrops, wildflowers, and down to the private and secluded beach at Lake Huron.  Keep an eye out for wildlife (hawks, turkey vultures, owls, grouse, deer, field mice, rare red squirrels, raccoons, foxes, and rabbits).  Often, you will find large rocks recently overturned by large animals (ie. bears) looking for a meal. The walk will take you 1 to 2 hrs.


McLean's Park (30 min. from BBay)

This verdant 100 acre park is located on New England Road, a side road off Hwy. 6, mid-way between Manitowaning and South Baymouth. The park, almost 3 km. along the New England Road, features hiking trails based on ancient logging paths.  Hardwood bush with some huge trees.  The walk takes about 1.5 hrs.


The Lewis Twin Peaks Trail (30 min. from BBay)

This trail is in Sheguiandah, accessible from the East side of Hwy. 6, just across from Corcoran's Motel.  Approx. 2 km. in length and a relatively easy hike, the trail nevertheless provides two quite spectacular views of Bass Lake and the North Channel.  The lookouts are on Quartzite outcrops.  The walk takes 1.5 hrs.


Orr's Mountain (30 min. from BBay)

Sheguiandah is also the home of Orr's Mountain Hiking Trail.  The 3.5 km. trail begins in the village's North end, 100 meters up Orr's Side Rd., just off Hwy. 6.  There are three distinct trails on Orr's Mountain, offering fine views of Sheguiandah Bay, Bass Lake, and two spectacular lookouts.  The walk takes 2 hrs.


Cup and Saucer (30 min. from BBay)

Located 18 km. West of Little Current at the junction of Hwy. 540 and Bidwell Rd. is the famous Cup and Saucer Trail.  This is the Manitoulin Extension of the Niagara Escarpment, with 70 meter cliffs, over 2 km. long.  There are 12 km. of hiking trails through the hardwood bush, as well as 2 km. adventure trail.  This is one of the most popular trails in Ontario.  With the numerous paths, you can choose the one best suited to your time available (from 15 min. to 4 hrs.), and degree of difficulty desired.


M'Chigeeng Aboriginal Trail (20 min. from BBay)

Located on M'Chigeeng Native Reserve land, the trail starts behind the ballpark, off Hwy. 551, just South of Hwy. 540.  Recently doubled in length, M'Chigeeng includes two trails; one along the bottom of the bluff, and the other going to the very top.  The Bear Caves and Fossil Rock Point are two spots of special interest.  The top of the bluff offers outstanding views of the North Channel.  The aboriginals regard this as a special place for spiritual cleansing. The walk takes 2 to 3 hrs.


Wagg's Woods (15 min. from BBay)

Right off Mindemoya's main street (Hwy. 542), Wagg's Woods is located almost directly across the street from the Municipal Office and Library.  This peaceful walk features maple, basswood, birch, and ash in a park-like setting.  Moss climbs the cliffs which are part of the Niagara Escarpment.  Watch for 15 different species of ferns.  The walk will take 1 to 2 hrs.


Bridal Veil Falls (30 min. from BBay)

This trail is located on Hwy. 540 at the entrance to Kagawong.  A picnic area is at the top of the falls,, with a path that leads down to the base of the falls.  There is a trail on both sides of the river valley. Bring your bathing suit, and take a dip in the pool at the base of the falls.  Once you reach the town at the mouth of the river, take a walking tour of this small village, museum, and art galleries.


Misery Bay (30 min. from BBay)

Misery Bay Provincial Nature Reserve is an 860 hectare provincial park on the South shore of Manitoulin Island. Misery Bay Wetlands Boardwalk Located 10 minutes drive West of Evansville.  There are two trails about 5 km. and 4 km. which feature mixed woodland, old beach ridges, and rare alvars (flat limestone bedrock with no soil). A visitor centre/interpretive centre provides information on the unique and rare aspects of this park.  The walk will take about 2 to 4 hrs.

The picture shows the Misery Bay boardwalk across the wetlands.


Shesheqwaning-Nimkees and Little Thunder Hiking Trails (30 min. from BBay)

North of Silver Water, off Hwy. 540, the Sheshegwaning First Nations have developed 20 km. of trails.  You can choose between many sections of trails, some offering wonderful views of the North Channel.  There are facilities for camping and picnicking.  Trail maps are available from the Band Office, or at the Gas/Convenience store at the trail head.  This walk takes between 3 to 6 hrs.


Mississagi Lighthouse (60 min. from BBay)

Located at the lighthouse near Meldrum Bay are several short trails that follow the craggy shoreline over flat limestone ledges, around enormous boulders, and through rock fissures.  Wildflowers and birds abound, and the rails offer fine views of Lake Huron.  This is an excellent trail for the afternoon, then stay for a fantastic sunset over Clapperton Island to the West.  Allow 1 to 2 hours for this challenging and exciting hike.

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