Application Form to Rent Bayview Pines

  1. Fill in all the info requested here.  Bayview Pines ("BVP") only rents to mature, responsible adults over 25 yrs. old.  The information collected here is either necessary to administer the anticipated rental contract, &/or enables BVP to determine the risk, and the suitability of our Facilities for your needs.
  2. After answering all questions, click on SUBMIT button (at bottom of this page) to send your info to BVP.
  3. We will review your application and confirm your booking via e-mail.  Security Deposit of $500.00 must be received before booking will be confirmed.

 DO NOT enter credit card, bank account, nor other confidential information here.

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Check-in after 2:00 PM, check-out before 11:00 AM

BVP rents by the day (full price), weekend (49% off the Daily rate), and week (49% off).

During July and August, BVP only rents by the week, starting at 2:00 PM Saturday, and going till 11:00 AM the following Saturday.

BVP's rental rates vary by Off-Season (40% off Daily rate), Ferry Season (20% off), and Prime Time (full price).  For more info, see BVP's Rental Rates

You can make the Security Deposit ($500.00) by direct-deposit to BVP's bank account, or by sending cheque/money order to BVP with your Application, or paying by PayPal.

BVP will not hold your requested time slot, and will not process your Rental Application until BVP has received your $500.00 Security Deposit.

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Children (5 - 12 yrs old):              Names:
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Pets who will be coming
Bayview Pines Pet Policy
Emergency Contact (someone not coming with you)                 Name:    
Relationship to You:
Risk Assessment Have you ever been ejected, asked to leave, requested to pay damages, lost part or all of your security deposit, asked to not return, or other similar event at rental housing, cottage rentals, hotels/motels, or similar places?
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If "Yes", please explain fully:
Full Disclosure In the field below, describe and fully disclosure to BVP all other information that would help BVP properly assess the rental rate to be charged, the risk involved in renting BVP's Facilities to you and your intended group, or your special needs or expectations.
Responsibility & Liability Bayview Pines' Liability Waiver is an integral part of all rental applications and subsequent rental agreements.

Brief Summary  If your application is accepted by BVP, and you rent BVP's Facilities, you will be fully responsible and financially liable for all costs, damages, injuries, losses, liability, and all other risks that occur (excepting only for normal wear and tear); including all risks to yourself, your property, those attending with you and their property, BVP's Facilities, and third parties and their property; which are directly, indirectly, or partially caused by you, by members of your group, and by your guests; and you give up your rights to sue or claim against BVP.  BVP does not have insurance, or our insurance policy doesn't cover risks associated with Renters, or BVP will claim first against you (and secondly against any insurance policy). Review the full  Liability Waiver for specifics and the legally binding agreement between you and BVP.

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Terms & Conditions for Application and all Subsequent Contracts You are responsible to:

a) Review BVPs printed sales literature that was provided to you (if any), as well as the electronic files on BVPs Internet website ( ), and be fully aware of the risks, conditions, suitability for your purposes, and limitations associated with this rental prior to submitting your Application;

b) provide in this Application all relevant information on a utmost good faith basis, so that BVP can correctly assess the rental charge fee, and the risks involved with your intended use of BVP's Facilities;

c) Pay the non-refundable deposit of $500.00 with your Application; and

d) Pay the Rental Fee in full at least three (3) months prior to the start of your rental period, or with your Application; whichever is last to occur.

On receipt of your Application, Bayview Pines ("BVP", a subsidiary of Blacks Bay Lodge) will review it, and if OK, will send an Acceptance to you by email within 48 hours.  All funds paid by you will be held in trust by BVP pending BVPs review and acceptance of this Application.. If your Application is not accepted, the entire amount will be promptly refunded to you. All Applications and resulting contracts are subject to the terms and conditions in BVP's written Acceptance that will be sent to you by email.

Once BVP has accepted this Application, the resulting rental contract cannot be canceled, assigned to a third party, or modified except as expressly permitted in BVP's Liability Waiver; and thereafter the Security Deposit and Rental Fee will be chargeable and non-refundable; whether or not you are subsequently willing and able to utilize the contracted rental period.  Any unused portion of your Damage Security Deposit will be refunded to you within two weeks after the end of the rental period.

If this form FAILS for any reason, call BVP at  Phone or e-mail BVP

Original: June 25, 2007