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Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island
Ontario, Canada

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Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada

Map showing cottage vacation rental on Manitoulin Island, Northern Ontario Canada On the left, we can see two maps.  In the bottom left corner is a map of the globe showing North America (Canada and the United States of America).  The yellow arrow points to the Great Lakes region on the border between the USA and Canada.

The second map shows an enlarged view of the Great Lakes region.  Located just North of the U.S. state of Michigan, Manitoulin Island is shown in the colour red.  Black's Bay Lodge is located on the South shore of Manitoulin Island.


Manitoulin Island is located at the northern end of Lake Huron, and is close to Lake Superior (the lake to the West of Manitoulin), Lake Michigan (the lake to the South-West), and Georgian Bay (to the East); a virtual cross roads of fresh water.

Taken together, these Great Lakes are the largest collection of fresh water in the world (except for glaciers).  The Great Lakes contain 90% of the fresh water supply in North America, and 20% of the world's fresh water supply on the surface of the earth.  These lakes are truly freshwater oceans.  The next largest collection of fresh water is at the polar ice & snow caps.

Originally a center of  farming, fishing, & lumbering, Manitoulin Island now enjoys the majority of its commerce as a rural vacationing & tourism hot spot for the cottage & outdoor sports enthusiasts.  Manitoulin Island has some of the best cottage country, fishing, boating, beaches, and water sports in all of Canada.

Manitoulin Island is accessed by the swing bridge to the North, or the large car ferry from the South.  Either way, it's worth the trip.  It's a 4 hr. drive from Toronto ON, 6 hr. drive from Detroit MI. or Ottawa ON.

Manitoulin Island is where you will find:

  • the world's largest fresh water island (2,765 square km., approx. 200 km. x 150 km.)

  •  more inland lakes (110 in total) than any other island in the world

  • the world's largest lake on an island
  • the 2nd best place in Canada to do salmon fishing (BC is #1).
  • One of the best places in Ontario for fishing trout, muskie, pike, bass, perch, crappie, whitefish, walleye, pickerel, etc.

  • a great place to visit, fish, boat, sail, canoe, kayak, hunt, bird, swim, scuba dive, rock climb, vacation in a privately owned cottage, and relax.

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