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Here are the forms for making application for your hunt (both individual hunters, and a party of hunters):

plus all of the following:

"New Hunters" is defined as hunters who have never hunted at Black's Bay Lodge, or did not hunt in the previous year.

"Returning Hunters" are hunters who hunted at Black's Bay Lodge in the previous year.

Individual hunters who wish to attend one of BBay's hunting adventures
E-mail additional questions about your excursion for an individual hunter to Black's Bay Lodge
Groups or clubs of hunters (2 or more) who wish to have BBay Lodge for an exclusive hunting adventure.

Each member of the group will need to submit:
  • An Application form
  • Permission to do a reference check
  • Liability Waiver for Hunting
E-mail additional questions about an excursion for my Group of  hunters
Here are the forms for making application for your fishing (both individual fishers, and a party of fishers):
Individual fishing enthusiasts who wish to attend one of BBay's fishing adventures
E-mail additional questions about my fishing trip excursion for an individual
Groups or clubs of fishing enthusiasts (2 or more) who wish to have BBay Lodge for an exclusive fishing adventure
E-mail additional questions about the fishing trip excursion for my Group
Other, specialized use of BBay facilities
E-mail additional questions about your special request

The proprietors of Black's Bay Lodge (Glenn & Judy Black) have spent the last 24 years building Black's Bay Lodge to what it is today.  We want to build a community of like-minded people who are eager to enjoy and share in our creation.  We recognize however, that BBay is not suitable to all people, nor all needs.  Therefore we have established policies and application forms to be sure there is an appropriate match between your needs and our ability to meet those needs.

If you haven't already done so, please review the details of our facilities as described on our website.  We believe in full disclosure so there are no unpleasant surprises, even if you initially forget  to ask an important question.   Detailed description of BBay's lodge facilities, as compared to a city home

All applications are considered on a first come-first served basis.    To be fair, the first person who has their application and waiver forms filled out & returned to BBay with their deposit fee (cheque, money order, or direct deposit) will get the reservation (assuming their application is otherwise acceptable).

The description of the files you will need are shown below.

The above files are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.  Your browser should be able to automatically open these pdf files.  If not, upgrade your version of browser, or you can download a free plug-in (Acrobat Reader from Adobe at ).  Acrobat Reader will allow you to open these files & print them off.

Our policy is to choose our guests carefully; inviting only responsible adults, such as yourself.  Our lodge insurance policy doesn't cover damage done by guests, so we also ask you to:

  1. Pay a deposit up front of 50% of your rental fee which also serves to hold your reservation, and insure the risk of any damage which could occur.

  2. Sign the legal waiver and indemnification agreement.  We realize only a few places use a waiver as we do.  We believe the Waiver is an important part of our "full disclosure policy" so you know what is expected; everyone is expected to be responsible for themselves & their actions.  For more info, see our FAQ's

If there is less than 3 months away from the start date for your requested excursion, we will need full payment (security deposit + excursion fee + GST) with your application.

Once you have attended this year, you will have the first option of booking the same excursion time slot next year, provided you re-book before the deadline.  See BBL's Rental Policy for details.  After the deadline, that excursion will be offered to others on a first-come, first served basis.  This policy helps ensure your ability to establish a long term relationship with us.


  1. Read this page.  Print it off or save it on your computer so you know what to do when you get the forms.
  2. We will be sending the requested application forms to you next business day.  Once you receive them,
  3. Print off & fill in our Application form, and sign it
  4. Print off & read BBay Rental Policy
  5. Print off & read our Waiver form, & sign it
  6. Send reservation deposit fee (50% of the excursion fee) to Black's Bay by one of the following options:
  7. Put application, waiver & cheque in envelope.  Mail it to Black's Bay Lodge (see address at bottom of this page)
  8. When BBay receives it, we will review your application & give you an answer the same day we receive it.
  9. After you are approved, we will colour in the dates of your confirmed excursion as red (ie. "booked") on the BBay rental calendar .  A date coloured in red means someone is already booked to sleep there on that evening (ie. if Aug. 16 is red, it means somebody is booked to have the cottage from 2:00 PM on Aug. 16 until 11:00 AM on Aug. 17).  For the main hunting seasons, the lodge has already been reserved for these prime hunting seasons (ie. it isn't available for other functions). Our weekly excursion packages normally go from 2:00 PM on Saturday until 11:00 AM on the following Saturday.

To speed up the application approval process, you can fax your completed Application form to me (be sure to still send the signed original in the mail with the Waiver and the cheque).

As an option, you can do an electronic funds transfer (either PayPal, or from your bank), and we will then hold your requested dates for you for 7 calendar days after receipt of your monies while your Application form and Waiver arrives in the mail.  If by bank transfer, notify us that you have chosen this option and we will send the necessary banking info to you.  We will confirm receipt of the funds and pencil in your name for the chosen dates, pending receipt and final approval of your paperwork within 7 calendar days.  If we haven't received all your paperwork in correct order within the 7 calendar days, we reserve the right to accept somebody else's application, and refund your deposit.

On receipt and approval of your paperwork and funds, I will then e-mail you all the details about your trip so you can get to know the place before you arrive, know what's there in the lodge, what to pack, events & activities in the area, etc.

I want this excursion to go well for both you and us.  Word-of-mouth advertising is the best & cheapest form to get the word out.

Please send completed forms and cheques to:

Mr. Glenn Black
Black's Bay Lodge
576 Firehall Rd.   P.O. Box 101
Providence Bay,  ON   P0P 1T0

Phone:    (705)-377-4039
Fax         (705)-377-4039
e-mail:    Sent mail to Black's Bay

Glenn & Judy Black      Original: January 28, 2003