Guided Whitetail Deer Hunting at Black's Bay Lodge

Providence Bay
Manitoulin Island
Ontario, Canada

Ed's 9 point buck, 225 lbs. field dressed, 2001

Whitetail deer hunting on Manitoulin Island Ontario Canada is a deer hunter paradise.  There are more deer on Manitoulin than people.  Also, the sub-species of North American whitetail deer on this island are genetically the largest deer in North America, much bigger than mule deer or red deer.

As you can see from the above deer picture, this buck deer has been hanging around our deer feeder quite frequently.  White tailed deer hunting on Manitoulin Island is one of the largest industries in the area.  Don't plan on getting your car fixed during deer season, most Manitoulin businesses are closed or on skeleton staffing during white-tail deer season.

We have 5 deer stands in prime territory, overlooking signal and shooting paths cut through our 113 acre forest.  We have planted a few acres of deer feeding crops so the monster bucks have huge antlers.  All of this we do for our deer hunting friends and visitors to ensure your guided deer hunt is a success; maybe a trophy deer hunt.

BBay's guides have been successfully hunting this same area for the past 24 years.  Whether you are after good tasting doe venison, or a trophy buck, you have found the right place.

You have heard about the great Canadian lifestyle, the beautiful wilderness, the wild animals, the huge wide open spaces, the peace and quiet, the private hunting & fishing lodges, and the purity.  Now, you can enjoy all of these, sharing what Canadians have always had.

We would be interested in having you, your friends, your business associates, and your family come visit us and enjoy our Canadian wilderness hunting & fishing lodge in comfort.

Come join us for a day, weekend, week, or a month.  Numerous time slots are still available during the year.  See the link below for available dates.

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