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Maps of Black's Bay Lodge &
Manitoulin Island

The following maps give you an every increasing magnification of the BBay region.

To enlarge the image, click on it.  This will open the image in a new browser window at full size.


On the right, we can see two maps.  In the bottom left corner is a map of the globe showing North America (Canada and the United States of America).  The yellow arrow points to the Great Lakes region on the border between the USA and Canada.

The second map shows an enlarged view of the Great Lakes region.  Located just North of the U.S. state of Michigan, Manitoulin Island is shown in the colour red.

Manitoulin Island is located at the northern end of Lake Huron, and is close to Lake Superior (the lake to the West of Manitoulin), Lake Michigan (the lake to the South-West), and Georgian Bay (to the East); a virtual cross roads of fresh water.  Taken together, these Great Lakes are the largest collection of fresh water in the world (except for glaciers).

Map for location of BBay's beach house vacation rental cottage on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
On the right is a Landsat 7 satellite image of the Great Lakes region between the USA and Canada.  The water is blue coloured, the land is either green or tan coloured.  North is to the top, West is to the left.

Dark green areas are forested.  The tan areas are urbanized or farmed, and therefore have few or no trees and green vegetation.

The State of Michigan looks like a left-hand mitten, surrounded by water.  It has Lake Michigan on the West (left), Lake Huron on the upper right, Lake St. Clair (the small blue dot) and Lake Erie (long thin lake at the bottom right of the image.

Manitoulin Island  can be seen at the North end of Lake Huron.  Check back to the previous map to verify your location of Manitoulin (the big red island in the previous map).
Lansat 7 image of the Great Lakes region showing BBay's beach house vacation rental cottage on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
Close up satellite view of Manitoulin Island.

The irregular wisps (purple to the North of Manitoulin, blue and white to the South West) are clouds.


Click on image for larger version.

Satellite view of Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada
Satellite image of Providence Bay, Manitoulin, and Black's Bay Lodge.

Click on the image to get an enlarged view (554 kB image).

The shoreline tends to be forested, while the farms are inland.

Black's Bay Lodge is just to the West of the large horseshoe bay (Providence Bay).

Providence Bay has the largest sand beach on Manitoulin; similar to Wasaga Beach on the Bruce, or Canatera Park in Sarnia.

Satellite image of Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
This map shows the highways on, and in proximity to Manitoulin Island.

As can be seen, there are a number of inland lakes on Manitoulin (110 in total).  Manitoulin Island has more lakes on it than any other island in the world, and the world's largest lake on an island

The route of the ferry from the mainland at Tobermory to South Baymouth on Manitoulin can be seen in the bottom right of the map.

Compare the size of Manitoulin to Lake Huron.  That is a big lake !  Depending on the wind direction, storms and waves can be just as big and furious on Lake Huron as on the North Atlantic ocean.  There are thousands of shipwrecks all around the Great Lakes from people and ships who got caught in the lake's fury.  This is why there is no waterfront dock at BBay.

Road map to BBay's beach house vacation rental cottage on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada

Detailed Roads Map for Manitoulin Island & surrounding area Road.pdf    686 kB
Between Manitoulin Island and the mainland to the North, there is the North Channel.  The North Channel is recognized as one of the finest areas in North America for cruising; whether by sail or power.  This area is well protected  by being in the lee of Manitoulin, and only having a small reach between the channel and Sault St. Marie to the West.

With its beautiful, deep water harbour, Providence Bay is often the starting & stopping point for many of these cruisers as they come West from Georgian Bay, or North from Tobermory, or across from Michigan, or East from Sault St. Marie.

This map is one of my own creation, giving detailed driving instructions on how to get to BBay from the ferry dock at South Baymouth.  There are two maps, one in the top right of the image, the other in the bottom left.

Click on the image to get a full size version

Using the map in the top right, the suggested route from the ferry to BBay is coloured in dark on the map.  One the right hand side, there is a text version giving the directions turn by turn, as well as mileage between turns.  BBay's land is shaded in dark at the top left of this map

The low part of the map gives even greater magnification of the town of Providence Bay.  The road to BBay is Firehall Rd. located at the top left of the detailed view.
Map for S. W. Manitoulin to reach BBay's beach house vacation rental cottage on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada

Acrobat pdf version of this map  Manitoulin.pdf   168 kB
This is the map with the greatest magnification.  It shows BBay's 113 acres located just West of Providence Bay.

Click on the image to get a full size version.

The thick red lines show the property lines.  The red line running horizontally (West & East) near the top of the map is the unopened road allowance called Firehall Rd.

The two vertical red lines (running North and South) are BBay's property lines

The thin black lines show the roads.  BBay's access road starts from Firehall Rd., about the mid point (with respect to East West) of the property, and goes South towards the water.

The thick green lines show the primary deer trails in this region of the forest.

The blue lines show the intermittent streams and swampy areas around BBay.  The streams are running in the spring.  If there has been very wet weather during other parts of the year, then the streams will be running also.
Map of BBay's 113 acres, showing road, surface water, & deer trails at BBay's beach house vacation rental cottage on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
The big red "X" in the thick red rectangle at the bottom of the map is where the main lodge is located, right by the beach on Lake Huron.

The large jog in the shoreline creates a beautiful, shallow bay .  This warms the water for swimming in the summer, and makes an excellent place for small fish to spawn and grow up before they venture out into the big lake.

The large number of minnows in the bay means we get constant waterfront visitors from ducks, cranes, herons, loons, raccoons, and many others.
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