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Providence Bay,
Manitoulin Island
Ontario, Canada

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  Waterfront cottage for rent on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
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Black's Bay Lodge
Operating Manual &
Renter's Guide

A 3-ring binder containing a colour copy of this full manual is kept on the dining room table in the cottage.  Everything you need to know is there for quick & easy reference during your rental period.

For those interested in the details now, the entire operating manual (4.0 MB ) can be downloaded in 1 minute on a high speed internet connections.

You will require a password to open the file.  Once you have completed the registration process as a renter, click here to Contact BBay to request the password   As soon as we get your request, we will e-mail you the password.

The manual is fully indexed so you can search for any word you are interested in.

The Operating Manual is published in Adobe Acrobat 4.05 pdf format.
 This file format (pdf) is a standard on the web for large documents that can be downloaded. 

If your browser won't open pdf formatted documents automatically, you can download a FREE plug-in for your browser (Acrobat Reader) from   Get_Acrobat_Reader Fill in the form & follow the instructions on Adobe's website to download & install the Acrobat Reader plug-in.  It takes about 3 minutes.  You will then be able to open all pdf files on the web from now on.  After Adobe Acrobat Reader has installed, click on the above link, and you will be able to view our Operating Manual & Renter's Guide.

Enjoy !

The current version (Version 53) of the Operating Manual has been divided up into 6 smaller sections so that people with dial-up modems can more easily download.

The sections have been divided along topics, as follows:

Introduction, Arrive, & Settling In:                                            OM91001A53_001-039.pdf

Electrical Generator:                                                                OM91001A53_039-057.pdf

Drinking Water, Showers, & Plumbing                                     OM91001A53_057-089.pdf

Cottage Facilities:                                                                    OM91001A53_089-094.pdf

Activities at BBay & Surrounding Area, and Departure:           OM91001A53_095-105.pdf

Appendices, Keyword Index                                                   OM91001A53_106-181.pdf

Mini Manual (11 pages summary for key systems)                     MiniManual_A02.pdf

File:  http:/                               Original Version: June 26, 2002
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