Comments from Previous Renter's of Black's Bay Lodge

Sept. 2, 2008 Bruce & Katherine Preston

Hi Glenn & Judy,

We wanted to drop you a line & let you know we had a wonderful time again this year.

Bounder [Black lab from neighbour, 0.5 km away] visited us almost every day.

It was a little more eventful than last year…One morning, when we were having coffee on the front deck, a rabbit raced past, followed by a red fox, which was followed by our dog. Luckily the dog was far enough behind to be ignored by the fox & she came when called.

One evening, as we were cleaning up dinner outside, we heard the possible grunts of a bear wandering nearby.

On the return trip, the ferry was a ˝ hour late due to a medical emergency on an earlier crossing. So, we had time a fish & chip lunch on a deck overlooking the harbour.


The new barbeque & drinking water filter are excellent!  We tried to leave the place ship shape for you. Sorry, we forgot to buy new dish soap before we left.

Thanks for another great vacation @ Black’s Bay Lodge.

Oct. 18, 2004 George & Sue Enns We loved the peacefulness out there and especially the Bluejays. We have several pictures and mini movies of them eating peanuts on the railing just outside your dining table window. We sat there sometimes for hours watching them eat.

Thank you very much for letting us stay at your cottage.
Jul. 10, 2004 George & Sue Enns We decided to rent your cottage because it offered a lot of privacy, to get a lot of rest, adventure, learn something new, and try "roughing" it.  We found beautiful scenery, serenity, no phones, and greatly enjoyed seeing numerous Blue Jays up close.  I learned that bird watching is a lot of fun. 
Aug. 22, 2003 Gilles & Patricia Lavigne We decided to rent because BBay seemed like an isolated place where one could enjoy some R&R.  We were not disappointed; your cottage is secluded, peaceful, with beautiful scenery.  We learned that Manitoulin Island is a wonderful place to visit.  We enjoyed our time, and will again visit this wonderful Manitoulin Island.
Oct. 8, 2002
Chris Bishop
Hi Glen , just a note to let you know I, haven't forgot about you. We are interested in going back to B-Bay, (with a working, inside bathroom), but I can't give you a date yet.
Sept. 27, 2002
Dr. Tom McGowan, MD We were just up in Manitoulin Island for the weekend. Absolutely beautiful weather. We'd like to confirm rental again for next year (August 11th to August 18th 2003). We're looking forward to it. Keep well.
Aug. 19, 2002
Dr. Tom McGowan, MD
"Dear Judy & Glenn:

Thank-you so much for renting us your wonderful cottage.  We have had a truly wonderful experience.  You have such a beautiful place, it's a piece of 'Manitoulin Heaven'.  I hope we have cleaned up after ourselves to your satisfaction.  Thanks again."
Aug. 7, 2002
Dr. Tom McGowan, MD
"Thanks Glenn.
Your place looks ideal. I'm looking forward to another week of rest and relaxation.  We had a great time.  This is a very relaxing setting.  Thanks so much for the detailed Operating Manual."

The McGowan Family

Apr. 17, 2004
Donna Jowett, Callander ON "You have made a very special retreat and I am so glad to have learned of it. Thank you for sharing it with people who care for nature, privacy and simplicity. We are especially happy to find a place where we will be able to bring our dogs. They are mellow seniors who are well behaved and love the water and the woods. We are not yet seniors ourselves, but we also love the water and the woods."

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