Ontario Cottage Rental Rates

Ontario cottage rental price rates for 7 Ontario regions
Ontario cottage rental rates for 2005 are shown in the above graph.  This Ontario cottage rent data is for 2005 prime season rental rates for Ontario cottages, and is derived from the following table of data for 2005 average Ontario cottage rental rates for the 6 different Ontario cottage regions.

As a comparison, BBay's 2005 cottage rental rates on Manitoulin Island are also posted.  Manitoulin Island is a sub-set of Lake Huron cottages (to the South of Manitoulin), or Parry Sound cottages (to the East of Manitoulin).

The data is based on the median prices.  The median is the price at which 50% of the cottages are more expensive, 50% of the cottages are less expensive.  The median is the best statistic for comparisons when there is a large variation in the population (ie. shack to mansion, or Lake Erie to the Muskokas).  If a cottage is less than the median value, it is a bargain.

As can be seen, BBay's rates are only 83.7% of the median value for Ontario during prime time.  That means:

 the rental rates at Black's Bay Lodge are significantly cheaper than the majority of Ontario cottages.

Lake Erie zone has the lowest prices, averaging at 77.2% of the median value.  Lake Erie is only slightly less expensive than Manitoulin.  Lake Erie is close to large population centres (is it really getting away ?), and suffers from water quality and mediocre fishing quality.

The most expensive region is the Muskokas, with an average rental price of 133.8% of the median value.  This means that you pay a big premium price for the Muskokas.  Is it really worth the extra?  Compare what you get on Manitoulin to the Muskokas.  In many ways, you pay for the prestige and the name when you go to the Muskokas.  The only real advantage is the proximity to Toronto.  I believe Manitoulin is well worth the drive.  I've been doing it for 25 years now, and am convinced more than ever.

Therefore, Manitoulin and BBay (at only 83.7% of the median price), provide exceptional value for the money.

Average Weekly Rental Prices*
Region Off-Season  Prime Season (July & August)
Lake Erie 519 784   (Minimum, 77.2% of median)
Lake Huron 591 1015
Land o' Lakes, Prince Edward County, Lake Ontario East 655 979
Haliburton 781 1150
Parry Sound, Almaguin Highlands 828 1118
Muskoka 955 1358 (Maximum, 133.8% of median)
Black's Bay Lodge
Providence Bay
Manitoulin Island
600   (91.6% of median) 1,000   (98.5 % of median)
Bayview Pines
Providence Bay,
Manitoulin Island
450   (68.7% of median 750      (73.9% of median)
Minimum 425 784
Average 679.14 1036.29
Median (50% higher, 50% lower) 655 1015
Maximum 955 1358
* Source:   Tyler's Cottage Directory, as reprinted in Cottage Life, Mar., 2005, p.71