Black's Bay Lodge Rental Price
Last rate increase was on Jan. 25, 2006

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BBay's Rental Rates
Example of BBay's Rental Rate Calculation
Comparison of Ontario Cottage Rental Rates


Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Month
Prime Off-Season Ferry Prime Ferry Off     P  Off Prime Season

Off Season:

Jan. 1 - April 30th, and
Nov. 1st - Dec. 31
(excludes 3rd week in November for Deer Hunting Season)

Access to Manitoulin Island is only by swing bridge at Little Current (no ferry service).

Weekly & monthly rate available at 40% discount from Prime Season rates

Ferry Season:

May 1 - June 14, and
Sept. 16 - Oct. 31

Rates during Manitoulin ferry season, except July & August (July & August are Prime Season, see below).

Weekly & monthly rates are all available at a 20% discount from Prime Season rates.

Prime Season:

June 15 - Sept. 15, and
3rd week in Nov. (deer hunt season)

Main tourist vacation periods (summer and Christmas).

Weekly & monthly rentals available.

BBay's Season Rental Rates

Rental Time Period

Family Rental Rate (up to 5 people)


Extra Persons


Off Season





$675.00 20




Ferry Season


$660.00 25







Prime Season


not available*




Month $4,000.00 30

* Weekend rentals during Prime Season are not available, as we have more demand than availability for renting by the week during Prime Season.

There is 13% HST (Value Added Tax, 5% Federal + 8% Provincial= 13% total) that will be added to all the above prices.

Family Rental Rate includes up to 5 persons who are 5 yrs of age and older. Children under 5 yrs. old are free. For more that 5 persons in the Family, extra persons are at additional cost on a $/night basis (see Rates table to left).  Maximum of 10 persons at any and all times.

Weekend rate is from Friday Noon till 11:00 AM on the following Monday (ie. 4 days, 3 nights)

Week rate has a check-in after 2:00 PM on a Saturday.  Check-out is before 11:00 AM on the following Saturday (ie. 7 nights, 8 days), maximum stay of less than 4 months.

Month rate has a check-in after 2:00 PM on any Saturday of any calendar month.  Check-out is before 11:00 AM on the 4th Saturday thereafter (ie. 28 nights, 29 days), maximum stay of less than 4 months.

Year rate can start at any day of the year (subject to prior rental agreements), and you must vacate prior to the anniversary date in the following year.  Rental would be subject to the Residential Tenancies Act.  You will pay the rental fee, as well as adequate all-risk property insurance in our favor, and the security deposit.

Extra Persons:  There is a maximum of 10 persons in a family unit residing in BBL at any time.  There is an extra charge if you have more than 5 people who are 5 yrs of age or older.

Example Rental Fee Calculations

Examples of Rental Fee Calculation   This provides a few typical examples of how BBay calculates the rental fee, so there is no mistake or doubt, no hidden charges.  Note that these calculations were done with the rental fees of previous years, not the current rates.  See above for BBay's current rates.

Price Comparison of Ontario Cottage Rental Rates

From an independent comparison of Ontario Cottage rental prices, you can see that BBay's rental rates are cheaper than the average cottage rental price in all of Ontario.